They’re one of the most funkiest and fun groups in the Pacific Northwest.

“I heard we are Dave Matthews Band meets Rage Against the Machine, so I’ll go with that,” said Marshall Hugh, lead singer of the Marshall Law Band.

The band has made a name for themselves with their infectious energy and positive activism.

But the band doesn’t just play music. They’re also spreading a lifesaving message.

“When you come to a show, you want to leave feeling like you’re a better version of yourself. And so that’s what we try to do,” Marshall said. “Then we try to speak to broader issues like giving blood and the blood shortage here in our region.”

At a recent show on Mo’ Jam Mondays at the Nectar Lounge in Fremont, Marshall talked to the audience about the issue.

“If you didn’t know there’s a massive blood shortage is going on. Our hospitals are in need. We need 1000 donors per day just to meet demand. It’s a very big shortage. Please donate blood if you can.”

Besides speaking directly to their fans, they also give out information on donations from Bloodworks Northwest.

“I think Bloodworks Northwest realizes music is in our blood. Music is a heartbeat that is going to allow the word to get out and inspire the people in our region.”

Members of the group know firsthand how essential blood donations can be.

“I was in need of a transfusion, one transfusion turned into, like three or four of them while they were still figuring out the medications to help immediately stop the bleeding,” said Marty Thordson, sax player for the band.

Drummer Matt McAlman makes it a point to give more than just his blood.

“Because I’m a big man, and I also have a rare blood type, when I go in, I do a plasma donation, which is where they actually take your blood out like everyone else’s, but then they run it through a machine to pull the plasma and send it back into you. They can stretch the platelets a lot farther. So, it’s better for everyone if I do a double donation.”

Good music and good vibes — the Marshall Law Band hopes their music and their message hit all the right notes.

“We got to make sure that we get these donations and really save people’s lives,” Marshall said. “And so it’s a blessing to be able to use our platform.”

If you would like to donate blood many same day appointments are currently available. To book one call 800-398-7888 or go to the Bloodworks Northwest web site.